Uncirculated Water Bath

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vt-97 980
The Thermoline Uncirculated Water Baths are designed to operate from ambient +5°C to +100°C with alarms set at 3°C above and below the setpoint. The Thermoline water baths offer an industry standard in temperature control and reliability. These uncirculated lab water baths provide gentle heating with minimal water agitation to prevent lighter items from tipping over or where water movement might negatively affect samples or research. Thermoline have two uncirculated water baths available, both designed and manufactured in Australia. The uncirculated laboratory water baths are available in two key sizes, 12 and 24 litres. As the name suggests, the water in the bath is not circulated by any mechanical means and instead relies on the gentle, natural convection of heat through the water. The bath provides a stable and controlled temperature environment for samples, test tubes, or other items.