Circulated Water Bath

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The Thermoline Circulated Water Baths are designed to operate from ambient +5°C to +100°C with alarms set at 3°C above and below the setpoint. The water is circulated throughout the bath using the TU3 heater circulator or with the built-in pump in the TWB-24D-CP model, creating a uniform temperature throughout the bath. These circulated water baths provide gentle water movement over the heating element to ensure even temperature uniformity and are particularly useful for experiments that require a stable temperature environment. Thermoline have three circulated water baths available, all designed and manufactured in Australia. Two designs require the addition of the Thermoline TU3 heater circulator and one 24L model features a convenient built-in pump. As the name suggests, the water in the bath is circulated by either the built-in pump or by the use of the TU3 heater circulator. These baths provide a stable and controlled temperature environment for samples, test tubes, or other items.