Benchtop Incubator TI 20F

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vt-99 874
The Thermoline Benchtop Incubator range is designed and manufactured to provide safe and precise temperature conditions for your research and samples stored inside. With a digital microprocessor controller and a temperature range from ambient +5°C to +60°C, Thermoline's benchtop incubator is the economical choice for all non-critical samples requiring incubation. Thermoline Scientific uses the best materials that are able to withstand prolonged use and maintain their structural integrity. Materials such as Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Zinc and Stainless Steel are commonly used in products that are subject to wear and tear. Benefits of these materials include: • Corrosion resistance. • Lightweight. • High load stress resistance. • Low Maintenance. The 20L to 120L models all feature an option (standard on TI280F) for an internal clear polycarbonate door allowing the operator to open the outer door and view their samples inside without interrupting the temperature conditions.